“This White World, where we are now, is where all the souls reside. Every soul goes up to the White World after it leaves the Earth. They come here to be with the other souls. The souls come here to reconnect with the souls they had been involved with while they were on Earth. They come to learn what they have accomplished and to determine what they need to work on the next time they travel to Earth. We are now in what you humans call heaven. All souls come here at first, and from here they go back down to Earth to join with a new human body for as long as that human is destined to live.”

I looked around me; it wasn’t what I’d imagined heaven would look like—endless whiteness! Nevertheless, the feelings and sensations I was experiencing could not have been more heavenly. It was all was so pure, so relaxing.

“What about the Yellow World?” I asked.

“New souls are created on the Yellow World. Also souls that need to recover, renew, and heal may come to the Yellow World. Once they recover, the souls come back to the White World or move to other planets.” Elijah paused to let me digest what he had just said.

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