Soul Mates

“Sure, we can talk about soul mates. But first, let me tell you about souls and spirits. Each soul has its purpose in your world. Each soul may return to a human being again and again in order to accomplish its purpose.”

“Purpose? How would a soul know its purpose?” I asked.

“While on Earth a soul does not know its purpose, but once it has departed to the other worlds, the soul has clear knowledge of whether it has accomplished its purpose or whether it must come back to Earth.”

~~~ — ~~~

“Soul Mates are not what you think they are. Soul mates are souls that work together to achieve a distinct purpose. Soul mates might partner for a long time—months, perhaps years—or a short time—days, hours, minutes even. The length of time soul mates are together is meaningless. What’s more important is the goal they need to achieve.”

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