“Your Son is Your Father”

I arrived in front of the open gate. The sight of the spectacular white palace never failed to amaze me. The whole garden was vibrant in its whiteness, and I almost felt its living essence. I didn’t see anyone, but I sensed that the garden was full of vitality. It felt as if it was constantly in motion that nothing was still. I knew a lot had happened in this garden, and yet I couldn’t see anything. Perhaps I was not allowed to see just yet.

I went into the garden where Elijah appeared to be standing next to the big white marble table. His hands, crossed on his chest, were covered with the long white sleeves of his gown. As I walked towards him, he turned, raised his right hand, and signaled me to go with him farther into the garden. I felt pulled by a hidden magnetic force as I followed his footsteps, and as we walked, I could feel that serene yet powerful energy around us.

~~~ — ~~~

“Every soul on Earth, while in a human body, has a purpose—sometimes more than one,” he continued. “Once these objectives have been accomplished, the soul then leaves the human body on Earth. In your world, this departure is referred to as dying. In order for a soul to develop, the Creator has given it instruments to work with—the mind and the body, and a path on which to travel—the stages of a life cycle.


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