Red World

Once more I jumped on Bear’s back and grabbed his fur. He signaled me to get ready, and then we flew upwards through the thick layer of white clouds to the familiar soft white cotton-like realm of the Upper World. I walked towards the white palace a step or two ahead of Bear.

Elijah was standing at the giant gates waiting for us. We stopped a few steps in front of him.

“This time we will not enter the garden,” he said and turned to walk around the tall wall to the right.

~~~ — ~~~

Elijah stood there, calmly watching me, waiting for me to recover. Once I had, we walked on this soft, caressing yet powerful red surface. At one point, Elijah stopped and sat down on what appeared to be a big stone. All around us was steeped in a magnificent, profound red. Bear seemed unaffected by the red surroundings and stood quietly next to me. I waited to see what would happen next. The effect of this powerful silence and the energy of the red were incredible! I felt humble yet fearless, and strong emotions coursed through my body. I knew I had to be patient and wait for Elijah to explain the purpose of the journey to the Red World.

~~~ — ~~~

“What do you see?” he asked.

I was taken aback; all around me there was nothing but shades of red.

“All I see is red.” I said, after what seemed like hours.

Elijah smiled radiantly and looked up, then said, “Look straight at it—right through it. Look not only with your eyes.”

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