“Love is other than you think it is,” said Elijah, looking straight into my eyes. “Love is not what you humans usually refer to as strong feelings towards someone or something. Love is the Creator.”

It had been some time now since the first time Elijah and I had met and I didn’t feel quite so uncomfortable in his celestial presence. “Love is the Creator?” I repeated, wanting to be sure I had heard him properly.

~~~ — ~~~

“You see, you humans refer to love as something that expresses strong feelings towards others, but that is not what love truly is,” Elijah said. The significant aspect of love for you is that you feel fulfilled when you love. Experiencing love gives you a glimpse of the Creator and brings you closer to your Creator, closer to the divine.”

All you need is love, I thought to myself. Perhaps love is actually all that one needs in order to fulfill one’s purpose, to create, to become Creator-like.

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