Hilla, the Spiritual Guide

I clearly remember there was no conversation, but there was a definite sense of knowingness and of interconnectedness. Calmness washed over me; it was the kind of feeling you want to last forever. It felt as if Dolphin and I had known each other for eternity.

I got up and I walked towards the palm trees to search for my Spiritual Guide. I looked at Dolphin, and as he read my silent call for help, he turned towards me and said, “Wait, she will soon be here.”

I remained where I was, taking in the beach’s unusually bright sand and the clear, pure seawater. I saw Dolphin’s sleek curves as he arched and dove rapidly into the ocean. Suddenly, a blue aura emanated from behind me in the sand. What was that? I turned and looked more closely. Playing cards gradually appeared as if someone was dropping them into the sand. They stood up vertically in the white glossy sand a few inches from each other, row after row of them across the entire beach. I gasped and stared at them; I’d never seen, nor imagined, anything like this.

Each card was as tall as I was and about four feet wide, and depicted the image of a human face. On the card in front of me, I could clearly see an old man gazing to one side over my left shoulder. His long gray hair covered most of the card’s surface. He was expressionless, but I could feel his presence; a strong sense of wisdom emanated from him. This was someone I could trust to guide me, to save me. I was stunned and I couldn’t speak. I needed help.

Dolphin swam close to the edge of the shore. “Talk to them,” he said.

I turned back to face the cards, preparing to question them. Then a woman stepped out of one of the cards and walked languidly towards me. She had long, silky straight jet-black hair and dark olive skin, and her long, dark brown dress clung to her slender body. She stopped a few steps in front of me, looked straight into my eyes, and waited for me to say something. It felt as if I had been waiting to meet her all my life, as if she was someone I needed in my life but hadn’t known it until now. Her piercing black eyes transfixed me and I felt calm and peaceful.

“Are you my Spiritual Guide?” I eventually asked.

“Yes,” she said and smiled. “My name is Hilla.”

I was unable to move or talk; waves of humility washed over me.

“I am your Spiritual Guide,” she continued. Her eyes, changing color to deep, soft shades of browns and greens, penetrated my very being.

I was filled with gentle energy, warmth, and love. Near Hilla’s feet, half buried in the pure white sand, I saw three large rocks jutting out. The rock on the left was crimson, with tones of dark red through it; the middle rock was a deep blue color, like a summer sky; the third rock, on the right, was a vivid green, the color of fresh grass at dawn.

Nothing was ordinary, or normal, any more—red was no longer just red; blue and green were much more than that—these colors were other-dimensional. I felt a childlike urge to bend over and pick up one of the rocks.

“No need to pick them up,” said Hilla softly.

I paused, surprised, and looked at her.

“You already have them. They are within you,” she explained.

“Within me? What are they?” I asked.

“The blue rock is the healing stone, the green is the energy stone, and the red is the love stone,” Hilla replied.

Then she turned and walked away from me; hypnotized, I watched her disappear from view into the forest of palm trees.

I wanted to stay; I didn’t want this enlightening, breathtaking experience to end. But I knew my mission was over for now. So I turned to travel back to the room and awakened to find Dana still drumming. Again, everyone else appeared to be still journeying. I opened my eyes and gazed at the prone bodies.

In that moment, I knew my life would never be the same again…

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