Angels are the second level of souls

Walking With Elijah: Do we see these angels? Can we talk to them – pray to them?

“Angels are the second level of souls. They are souls who have accomplished their purpose and may decide not to return to Earth, but to stay in the Red World. Souls which have reached this level are ready to help the plain souls, either on Earth or while they are in the Red World. However, angels may choose to return to Earth in a human body to become a soul mate to plain souls. Angels can also go to Earth as spirits, rather than in a physical form, to help plain souls attain their purpose.”

Questions flew out of my mouth. “Do we see these angels? Can we talk to them—pray to them?”

“Yes,” replied Elijah to my hurried questions. “When a human calls an angel it is actually the human soul that needs help, support, or advice. This ‘calling upon the angel’ happens mostly while the human is asleep, in the world of dreams, since only while sleeping is the soul free to connect with angels or other non-human helpers.”

“Free of what?” I asked.

“Free of coping with the human mind,” replied Elijah.

It’s amazing, I thought to myself. I need to journey some more with Elijah on the topic of souls and the mind. I looked him, hoping for a sign of agreement.

“Indeed,” he said. “Let’s walk on it.”

I thought I saw him smiling, but it might have been my imagination.

Audio: ~ Chapter Five: Love and Soul

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