Mind Body Soul

The soul will leave the body leave Earth when the mind is not helping it to achieve its goals.

Elijah’s eyes were shut but I knew he was listening, so I continued. “Some say that the balance of body, mind, and soul is the ultimate experience, and that only when all three are balanced can we make the best progress in our lives.”

Elijah’s head was bowed and a divine, peaceful eminence radiated from him. After a few seconds he replied, “This balance that you humans talk about is different from what the real relationship should be between soul, mind, and body. Since the mind is in control, it may turn out that the soul’s ability to function is very limited. This happens mainly when the mind is too much occupied with itself, when one’s ego becomes more important than taking care of the body. When that happens, there is often bodily sickness and, later on, a dysfunctional soul, which leads, in some cases, to death, either by suicide or as a result of severe illness.”

“So balance is required, but controlled by the mind, which changes as a person’s life progresses,” I suggested.

“Precisely,” he said. “The soul will leave the body—leave Earth—if it feels that the mind is not supporting it anymore, when the mind is not helping it to achieve its goals.”

He paused, opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. His sharp gaze hypnotized me. I could neither think nor move.

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