“At the End You Will Reach the Beginning”

Then, suddenly I heard a deep vibrating voice: “We have done an experiment.”

I knew it wasn’t Elijah’s voice. This voice was different. It could only have come from that red circle up above me. I looked at Elijah. He just sat there on the rock, his eyes shut, not moving. He and the stone were as one. Stunned, I turned back to look up towards the red. It took me a while before I could say anything.

“What experiment?” I eventually asked. “What does it mean? Who are you?”

“We are the Creator. We are the divine, the source of all, the love,” answered the voice. “We created the universe, the planets, and the life upon them.”

I was speechless. Here I was, on the Red World talking to the Creator of it all.

~~~ — ~~~

“Indeed, and that is part of the experiment,” the voice responded. “As time goes on, more and more souls will be able to connect with us, while on Earth. As you know, the whole universe functions in cycles—so does your world. We will not let you destroy yourselves. We must intervene at the right stage to bring your whole existence into a state of complete serenity, where all forms of living—natural and human—sync in one cycle, back to the way in which it all started. The human race is about to learn about us, about the experiment and its purpose. Then we will guide humankind to the end, to where all living forms live in harmony, where all cycles complete one another.”

“That will be our end?” I asked.

“Yes,” answered the voice. “At the end you will reach the beginning.”


~~~—The End—~~~

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