Dolphin, the Power Animal

The room was silent. That strange feeling in me would not subside, and somehow I felt reconnected to deep-rooted childhood places still warm in my soul.

I lay down on my yoga mat, which felt hard, but I didn’t mind. Calm yet somewhat excited, I covered my eyes and took a deep breath. I felt glued to the floor. Dana’s drumbeats seemed soft, and then the sounds ascended, almost vaulting up into the ceiling. The drum’s sound slowly penetrated me, its steady rhythm filling me until I felt at one with it. Then I found my opening to the Lower World.

I was above an ocean, looking down into the deep crystal-clear water, and I saw a reflection of myself in the clear emerald-green water, deep down at the bottom of the ocean. I saw myself standing at the edge of a small hole at the bottom of the ocean—evidently it was my opening to the Lower World.

Without further delay, I plunged through the hole on to a huge water slide that spiraled deeply into the Lower World. I was thrilled and enjoyed every moment. But the fun ride suddenly ended as I glided straight into a little round water pool, about thirty feet in diameter, that was set in a cave with a curved roof. I stood in the pool, water up to my waist, feeling a great sense of joyfulness mixed with curiosity. I was facing three small wooden doors mounted in the cave wall. The doors were Hobbit-sized, with arched tops that curved to fit the cave’s shape. Each door had a small metal knob on its left. The middle door was wide open; the two closed doors were covered with dust, and mud was piled up in front of them. It looked as if those two doors had been closed for a long time.

Pale light was coming through the open door. I felt as if I was being pulled towards this light. I stepped out of the circular pool and walked through the open middle door towards the light. I couldn’t see much but I continued to push myself forward, and as soon as the shadowy cave was behind me, I was amazed to see an ocean shore in front of me. The sand on which I stepped barefoot felt like silk. I walked slowly and, strangely, left no footprints. It felt as if my feet were cradled in love. Palm trees dotted the landscape and the emerald ocean glistened and sparkled.

I was filled with an increasing sense of astonishment as I stood on the edge of this dazzling ocean. Suddenly, a beautiful dolphin came towards me, its sleek gray back arching out of the water. The dolphin looked at me and smiled, happy to see me—yes, he actually smiled. I was stunned. My throat vibrated as a question from deep within me emerged.

“Are you my Power Animal?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “I am your Power Animal, my name is Dolphin.”

“Thank you,” I said.

He raised his magnificent glistening body out of the water, shaking off droplets of water, and hovered upright, his tail just touching the surface. He leaned closer to me, and I could smell a salty water scent from his smooth skin. He looked into my eyes, smiled, turned his head to the water and then disappeared into the deep. It was a moment I will remember forever. I felt safe, free, and happy, and I did not want to leave that beautiful place. I had met my Power Animal, Dolphin.

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