Marble Table and Benches

What Else is Up There?

The garden between the palace and the gate was almost empty. Just inside the gate to the left sat a wide table with benches on each side. Both table and benches were made of translucent white marble. Their tops were flat and their legs were beautifully sculpted. To the right, halfway to the palace, there was a small white marble shed. I saw no one, but I sensed a powerful presence and felt the energy flowing around us. I had no clue what it could be.

Then, an incredibly powerful force pulled my gaze away from the palace back to the white table. I sensed an imperial presence, someone magnificent. Elijah was sitting waiting for us on the stone bench that faced us. I could see nothing behind him; he was completely surrounded by white emptiness. He turned and gestured with his hand across the white table, inviting me to sit down. Humbled, I lowered my eyes and silently sat on the bench across from him. Bear and Dolphin remained behind me, respectfully aware of the moment. I looked into Elijah’s eyes.

How can I describe those eyes? Their dark pupils were wells of knowingness, wisdom, and insight. He looked at me so intensely that I felt he had read my face, my body, my mind, my soul. A feeling of wonder crept into my mind. Would I ever get used to this magnificent, penetrating gaze of his? I could sense Bear’s and Dolphin’s hearts pulse behind me. Nothing moved around us; none of us moved. Nothing was said. I knew that Elijah would speak when the time was right.

Elijah’s eyes seemed to emanate sunlight. He looked as if he had been created by a master sculptor, carved from the most exquisite white marble in the universe. No sound came from his mouth, but his tightly shut lips stretched in a smile. During my years of walking with Elijah, I’ve learned that I don’t need to use my voice. Elijah can read my thoughts.

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