Hold hands

Chapter Six: The Ten Soul Commandments

As I read, something strange happened. I felt Elijah calling me, though the only sound I could actually hear was the sound of the wind blowing through trees. But the strong feeling didn’t subside or go away. I stopped reading and closed my eyes. Elijah’s face vividly appeared. I felt his strong gaze upon my face, but he kept silent. He looked at me as if waiting for me to say or to do something.

~~~ — ~~~

“The Creator wanted to make the Israelites realize the significance of this phase in human society’s evolution—the transformation, via a new set of rules, from a state of instinct and nature to a civilization guided by intellectual and moral values.”

~~~ — ~~~

As soon as I reached his side, he grabbed my arm. I felt a warm electric current rushing through me. I looked at him but he remained silent. He was looking ahead. Was he waiting for someone or something? A few minutes passed, Elijah still firmly holding my arm. Then I saw a beam of light. I couldn’t see its source, but its light fell on the ground just a few steps in front of us. Was this what Elijah had been waiting for? I was conscious of his firm but gentle grip on my arm, and together we went towards this beam of light. When we reached the spot on the ground where the light fell, Elijah paused. It took me few seconds to realize that we were no longer on the ground. The light beam carried us up and away from the palace corridor. I was shocked and excited at the same time.

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