Blue, Green, Red

Suddenly, the blue turned to green, and a whole new Green World appeared before my eyes. This new cosmos contained the shapes of headless serpents writhing inside, just like the yellow and blue cosmos, only they were in different shades of green. A few minutes passed and the Green World changed to red. This red was intense and overpowering, like the hot lava that spits from an erupting volcano, and again there was the same serpent-like pattern, but now in shades of red.

Throughout the entire time, I was rooted to the spot, fascinated by the magnificent visions—and then it hit me! These were the same colors as the three rocks in the white sandy beach where I met Hilla for the first time. She had told me that the red stone was love, the green was energy, and the blue was healing. I remembered reaching out to pick them up, and she told me there was no need; ‘You already have them. They are within you,” she had said.

But was I right in thinking there was a connection between those colored stones and these three colored cosmos? And if there was a connection, then why? I wasn’t quite sure. This colorful introduction to the Yellow World and the other three was Elijah’s way of explaining things to me—of communicating by visualization rather than by talking. I knew additional details would follow.

 “Did you see it?” asked Elijah, his familiar deep, vibrant voice coming from the other side of the big white table.

“Yes,” I replied. “I saw the blue, green, and Red Worlds. What are they?”

“Blue is the healing planet. Green is the planet of energy. Red is the planet of love, the planet of the Creator. Each planet provides a different source and wellspring for an individual soul’s needs. The soul connects with these three colored realms while on Earth and while here, in the White World,” Elijah explained. “When a soul resides in the human body, it keeps connecting to those three planets through the body’s energy centers—what you refer to as chakras. The role of these energy centers is twofold. Firstly, they connect souls to the three planets, red, green, and blue. Secondly, they enable the physical body and soul to integrate and function fully together.”

It made sense, and I wasn’t surprised. I immediately felt as if I had gained a fuller picture—maybe the entire picture. We are body, mind, and spirit, and none of these aspects of ourselves function entirely alone; each has an effect upon the other. The soul is the channel between the chakras to the corresponding planet. The Root Chakra connects to the Red World, the source of love, which connects to the Creator. The Heart Chakra connects to the Green World, the source of energy, and the Throat Chakra connects to the Blue World, where healing takes place.

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    We couvl’de done with that insight early on.

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