Bear, my other Power Animal

The trees were bizarrely shaped: all of them had three or more trunks connected to short horizontal naked branches, and each trunk, halfway to its top, was covered with thousands of leaves, the strangest leaves I have ever seen. They were beautiful shades of green, some light green, almost yellow, others were dark green. They all were as thin as needles and extremely long—more than fifty feet long. The ground was covered with flat light green grass.

Under the trees, I noticed broad, purplish white-spotted mushrooms scattered across the ground. They had huge stems and their tops were shaped like upside-down trophies. Suddenly, pale yellow sunbeams broke through the forest canopy of needle-like leaves. I looked back down to the ground and noticed a giant white polar bear sitting next to the cave door basking in the dappled sunlight. He stared at me, his big, piercing dark eyes watching me as if he was measuring my steps and reading my thoughts. His eyes mesmerized me, and as I walked towards him, my heartbeat quickened.

He looked magnificent, majestic with his shaggy, shiny snow-white fur. As I walked towards him, the landscape around him suddenly disappeared. His presence was powerful, yet still and peaceful. I knew he was waiting for me; I felt no fear. I continued towards him until I stood a few steps in front of him. He didn’t move, but continued to look at me. His dark eyes were vast pools of kindness and wisdom into which I wanted to jump and be forever immersed. I felt drawn to his magnetic presence and I didn’t resist.

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