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P.O.S.: Hey there. I’m still very curious if a soul knows what type of life it will have prior to choosing it’s body form.

Elijah: Hi, short answer: no. Here is Elijah’s reply, as quoted in “Walking with Elijah” chapter five: “A human being’s destiny is the outcome of the soul’s purpose. While a soul’s purpose is clearly known, a human being’s destiny is unknown, for it is determined by the path that the soul takes and that path could be influenced by other souls, such as soul mates. A human being’s destiny is also determined by the mind, which influences the soul and which depends on the life stage—infant, child, adult, elderly—the human is at.” Hope it helps.


L.B.: what you feel in shamanic meditation… Do you feel you enter in an altered state of consciousness, or in a state of bliss, or in a lucid dream state?

Elijah: Let me refer you to chapter one, “Are you my Teacher?”: “…I just returned to the room, at the end of the 1st journey: “What was that? I thought incredulously. What was that journey, that experience I just went through? I felt that if I tried to rationalize or explain it, it would ruin the whole experience.” In the book, I didn’t elaborate but my intuition was, and still is not rationalize, justify, or even explain the journey. Rather accept it and perceive it as pure experience. A journey is essentially a spiritual experience and as such the mind has no role in it.Meditation, of any kind, occurs in dimensions which are beyond our mind capabilities to comprehend, we, human have not reached that level, yet…”


L.C.: So weird. The “Celestial Tour Guide” (Celestial Traffic Cop) that came to me to remove me from the singularity field of the zero-point field … showed me a lot of things … took me into a few really cool libraries … but never did I notice a facial expression or an emotional tonality out of his voice. Not once. Stoic to say the least. Your comment Walking with Elijah … brought that memory instantly back to me. I could never understand why so expressionless.

Elijah: It is, indeed, rare to witness facial or feeling expressions during celestial encounters. I wonder, others that read it, What was/is your experience?

L.C.: Like I said … he “gave” no personal facial expression … almost like a frozen face in a strange space. I later attributed it to a “potential” rule they have … do not judge … do not even hint at giving approval or disapproval with any form of communication including facial expressions and/or voice tonality. DO NOT IMPACT THE HUMAN’S AGENCY. But that is just my guess as to why. Andy yours?

Elijah: One’s (human) facial and bodily expressions reflect (and impacted) by one’s feelings, essentially dictate one’s action. Divine intervention is avoided by not sharing the same.


S.R.: Don´t rely your knowledge not on dreams… One thing Elijah did not knwo: The more complex your brain become, the stronger are the effects created… you know crystalline intelligence?

Elijah: Knowledge is priceless. To be able to analyze based on knowledge (or independent of it) is why we have mind (or brain). Soul, however has its own purpose and lessons to learn. For the soul, mind is just a tool to allow its development.

S.R.: I assume that at a certain point of our development the form of space-time changes to conditions of dream-time… this, what we call a reality, within we have brains and souls… this will be like when you dream consciously… an empty room, your´s to create… from what is within you… or I… that´s the same in the end… so do we have brains in your dreams? I don´t know, i never tried to find out… but of course i could dream of one… so this won´t help. But tell me: do you think, that what we experience here as multiplicity, is in fact ONE cosmical consciousness, being itself unfolding?

Elijah: Short answer: Yes. Yet, it is much more than just “experience here as multiplicity.” The concept of time manifested into our life cycles to “have things in order” and to provide humankind with measurements of its progress and development. For the soul to progress, time is nothing but an obstacle and that is why dreams (one of the soul ways to reconnect to the Creator) are timeless and mindless.

S.R.: We need this form of order to ensure growth by insights. In a not orderly world we won´t bear consciousness, for all that could be witnessed are impressions of chaotic flow… Yet to make something conscious does means to get a representation of forms “on screen”… repeating, ordered events, to make sense of the incoming data. Consider: all those chains are not only obstacles, but moulds to fill liquid mind into, in order to get form. Once cooled off and shaped and sharp, one leaves this moulds behind and starts to create unchained, developed from the moulded form of a creature to the unchained powers of creator… I assume you know that empty, vast and dark void we create in. That is without moulds, chains and obstacles… and really hard to stand for one who still needs some smithing…

Elijah: Correct, we do need orderly process, yet nature’s cycle is the ultimate orderly form where both creator and destroyer are the controlling forces. It is where chaos and harmony are cycling, timeless-ly and endlessly. That is the stage where our soul “know” to function and to progress. So, imagine another reality unbounded by cognitive and perception, unbiased by self-interest and total egoless.


L.C.: So I am ‘really curious.” What is the difference between the “Spirit” and the “Soul?”

Elijah: Spirit being the state of how you are at a certain moment; as one might have high or low, happy or sad, spirit. Soul is the abstract core of you, of who you are at a certain life cycle.


M.M.: Why not take the easy way to get where it (the soul) want to go why not swim with the current and flow with the tides ….are you trying to say that the easy way is not always the best way ?…

Elijah: What our mind perceives as the easy way, is not necessarily the path our soul will choose to walk on in this life. It is not a question of good or bad, right or wrong, rather it is all about what we experience that lead us to what our soul needs to accomplish.


K.G.: I am from a Hindu background where reincarnation is part of life, I am a nurse and I am ambivalent! I made a pact with 2 friends and we promised whoever went first to come back as a sign or dream to let each other know of the afterlife, both my friends are gone and nothingness….

Elijah: The short answer is that they will appear when you are ready, and you then will be amazed at what you will experience.
A longer answer would talk to the fact that it is your minds that made a conscience decision (to “come back as a sign or dream” ). Your souls might have a whole different roles to play, different tasks to fulfill in the next life. Just be patient, and receptive to any sign and experience.


L.R.: Can you explain the mechanism of the last part? It is a known biological fact that the gender of the baby is determined by whether the sperm cell that fertilizes the egg cell is one of the 50% of the cells containing an X chromosome, or one of the other 50% containing the man’s Y chromosome. This is determined at the point of meiosis inside the male body…and then by which actual sperm cell makes it to the egg to fertilize it.

This means that the very second fertilization begins…the gender is 100% set forever and cannot change. It is chromosomal.

So how does the soul “choose” it’s gender? Does it literally end up picking a different family with a different father/mother depending upon whether or not it wants to be male or female? And it does it obviously after fertilization occurs? How long after?

Elijah: Sure Logan, great questions. Soul has no influence over the gender creation. In fact, in most cases the gender is less relevant factor, for the soul, compare to other factors like parents’ purpose. Soul won’t interfere with the biological aspects, and yes, will “enter” the baby after fertilization occurs.


A.N.P.: The Human soul, a reflection of the eternal, why feels restricted and unable to achieve the tasks/goals which he/she had once set? Why? Why so incapable?

Elijah: Perceptions, pre-conditions, and all other boundaries that our mind “forces” into our life that distract our soul from its purpose.

A.N.P.: Or shall we have to train our mind in a different, less known way? Are these ways different for each one? Or is there a common way to all? I think fulfilling the soul – goal is what we seek, it is our priority. And I am afraid the question^ we are facing is at risk of being muddled up with many answers, so near to truth but none of them the truth itself. I am afraid the truth can’t be indicated or put in words. I have my own perceptions about it, but I believe I can see if you are talking exactly of the way that leads to the truth or not. It can’t be seen. It can be perceived. Though you can’t state it anyway, but if you talked about a way which is wrong it would immediately be realised. Forgive me for my opinion. State if you have your own reservations and confirmations. I am more than curious. I think we have talked very closely into the pit and bottom of the core of the truth. Thank you.

Elijah: Sure enough, if we all would still our mind and be fully, omni-presence then human race is at its ultimate stage. Fulfilling soul is indeed the one goal, yet we are not dealing with questions, nor we seek pure truth, we rather walking the path of fulfilling our divine purpose, free of doubts, questions, or perceptions.