“Hold your hands in front of you,” Elijah commanded, “palms facing me, your thumbs pointing inward towards each other and both index fingers reaching upwards, towards each other but not touching. Form an open-top triangle with your two thumbs and index fingers.”

I obeyed. Silently I stretched my hands in front of me at shoulder level and with my palms facing Elijah, I formed an open-top triangle. Through the triangle I could see Elijah’s shining eyes.

~~~ — ~~~

“Your hands form a shape representing what nature is. It is within this perfect form that living things exist and where basic needs are shared, yet at the same time they are different and complement one another. They are each well defined and yet dependent on the other. Therefore, these living elements can continue to perfect themselves, and just as your two index fingers are almost touching to make a perfect triangle, so living forms will continue to evolve forever, while positive and negative will remain uniquely defined entities.”

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