“Then how can a soul make sure it accomplishes its purpose?” I asked.

“All human life cycles are similar,” said Elijah, “The soul and what it needs to accomplish are what makes the difference. For the soul to succeed, it has to maintain a connection with the angels and the Creator. This is what ties the soul to all the resources it needs—energy, healing, love—while it continues its presence on Earth in the human body.”

“Are men and women different when it comes to souls?” I asked.

“A soul has no preference for the gender of the human it travels with. A soul can be in a man’s body for one life journey, and the next time it may come back in a woman’s body. It depends on what it needs to accomplish in a life journey and with whom. The soul will decide which gender is more suitable once it knows what purpose it has to accomplish and right before it emerges into a baby’s body.”

All human life cycles

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