“The life journeys of humans are not random,” he said. His mouth hadn’t moved; his face was expressionless; his eyes were still shut.
“The goal of a life journey is to help build up a soul, to give it a path on which it can learn, grow, develop, and mature. A single physical lifetime is rarely enough time in which to achieve this; it may take several lifetimes. A soul usually has to go through a few life cycles before it can realize its true purpose.”
Elijah paused. I felt that he was challenging me, trying to discern my ability to take in and digest what he was saying.
“Every soul on Earth, while in a human body, has a purpose—sometimes more than one,” he continued. “Once these objectives have been accomplished, the soul then leaves the human body on Earth. In your world, this departure is referred to as dying. In order for a soul to develop, the Creator has given it instruments to work with—the mind and the body, and a path on which to travel—the stages of a life cycle.

Life Journey

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