“Now that you know about the soul’s cycle, let’s talk about soul mates,” Elijah said, ignoring my question. They’re not what you think they are. Soul mates are souls that work together to achieve a distinct purpose. Soul mates might partner for a long time—months, perhaps years—or a short time—days, hours, minutes even. The length of time soul mates are together is meaningless. What’s more important is the goal they need to achieve.”

I was intrigued. What I had just heard didn’t fit my idea of what soul mates were.

“In fact, there are examples of short encounters that were more meaningful to the two souls than long encounters were,” Elijah continued. “Furthermore, a soul may have many soul mates while on Earth. It is all depends on the stage that the soul is at and the mission it has to accomplish at that stage.”

Soul Mate

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