“The Creator of all this—the universe, the planets, life—is the source of love, the foundation of being, the cause of living. The spirituality of one feeds all physical dimensions. Physical forms cannot exist without spiritual levels. Take the soul away from its body and what do you get?” Elijah calmly sat down again on the bench opposite us. My mind was racing, frantically searching for answers. Then I realized that he probably wasn’t really looking for a response. He was planting seeds, seeds of knowledge, and all I had to do was sit and listen.
“Take away the energy of any object and what do you get?” he asked.
I couldn’t restrain myself and responded, “So love and energy are the same?”
“Yes, in a way” he replied. “Love, or energy, makes any object alive, makes it function so it will manifest its purpose. Love is the only thing that drives the cyclic motion of the physical and the spiritual worlds. On Earth you are born, you live, die and are born again.
The Creator of this all
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