Elijah smiled radiantly and looked up, then said, “Look straight at it – right through it. Look, not only with your eyes.”

I looked up. I thought I understood what he meant.

“Humans normally look at an object,” Elijah continued. “Humans use their eyes and mind to analyze everything around them and form an image out of it. That is your natural sense of seeing. However, looking through an object is not a common way of observing. Using this method, you should look not with your eyes and the mind, but with your soul, using it to overcome the limitations of your mind and the three-dimensional world. Only then can you genuinely experience the full meaning of seeing, feeling, and being an integral part of that which you look at. Only then can you connect to the object’s soul.” He fell silent, glanced at me for a second, and then shut his eyes.

Look straight

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