It can’t be that simple, I thought and opened my eyes. Nature had always seemed more complicated to me. I looked at Elijah. His eyes were shut and his face radiated immense glory; his hands lay peacefully on the flat white marble table top in front of him. In his presence the background always disappeared; he fills up the whole scene.

“Right, it isn’t that simple,” I heard Elijah say. “Complementing each other doesn’t mean that they exist separately from each other. On the contrary, within every evil there is some kindness; in every light there is darkness; in any act of madness there is some measure of sense. Nothing is just pure light or darkness; nothing is all good or all bad. When you hear laughter, you may also detect the sound of grief.”

He stopped speaking. All I could hear was the sound of the orchestra’s strings and the flutes echoed by a triangle. I looked at Elijah’s face and was overcome by his majestic divinity. Then he opened his eyes, two dark shining diamonds radiating with wisdom and looked straight into mine.

My chest constricted; I could hardly breathe. And then I felt a huge stream of energy flow from those remarkable eyes, washing my inner and outer body with celestial kindness. I still couldn’t breathe or move. I felt as if I was held captive by some incredible power, all the while feeling its heavenly blessing.

Complementing each other

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