I had felt Elijah’s presence, but he was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden, I heard a familiar deep voice: “The mind is the controller, the body is the carrier, and the soul is the passenger. Throughout a life journey, the mind and soul are in constant communication. The life cycle is structured so that the soul is given the opportunity to influence the direction of the life journey at the beginning and at the end, more than at any other stage of the human life cycle.

For the soul to learn, develop, and make progress, it needs a mind and a body,” Elijah continued. “When the soul decides to go down to Earth, it picks the body and mind that fits its purpose and that best help it to accomplish its tasks for that life journey. So while the soul makes the decision about what type of body and mind it will evolve into, it is mostly the mind that controls the progress itself. It is the mind that mostly influences what the soul will learn.”

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