“All opposites—light and darkness, good and bad—exist on Earth for one main reason. This principle is fundamental in nature.” Elijah sounded as if he was sitting at the other side of the table. I opened my eyes to see him resting his hands on the big white table. He had his eyes closed and I quickly closed mine again.

“Yes, I know what you people think,” he continued. “You learn to appreciate the good by experiencing the bad, but in fact it hasn’t much to do with humans. It has a whole lot to do with nature itself.”

I kept my eyes shut, realizing that my ability to listen and concentrate was intensified.

“For nature to sustain, evolve, and stay alive, it needs opposites that complement each other, a cyclic movement, a rotation of those opposites,” Elijah went on. “Nature needs light and it needs its complement, darkness. To progress, nature also needs love and kindness, and their opposites, hate and cruelty. Creation and destruction are essential for nature as a whole, but specifically to provide a way for humans to progress. Creation and destruction are the basic elements upon which nature is built, and all the other opposites—light, darkness, wet, dry, good, bad—are just part of the spectrum of the creation–destruction cycle.”

Role of the Complementing Opposites

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