“Every soul on Earth, while in a human body, has a purpose – sometimes more than one,” Elijah continued. “Once these objectives have been accomplished, the soul then leaves the human body on Earth. In your world, this departure is referred to as dying. In order for a soul to develop, the Creator has given it instruments to work with—the mind and the body, and a path on which to travel—the stages of a life cycle. Shortly after the moment of conception is when the soul enters the human body. During the body-forming stage, the soul adjusts itself to function within its bodily limitations. Later, after the baby enters into this fleshly matrix, when it is still physically dependent, the soul still carries a memory of previous life experiences and reaches out to other souls in the baby’s environment, laying the groundwork for its life ahead and establishing the course of its progress. This is a critical stage for the infant and, therefore, critical for the soul too. Just as the body is sensitive to neighboring hazards, so is the soul. The baby is still new to this dimension and can easily get hurt. Sometimes, the soul can experience trauma so intense that it gives up and leaves the body.

Every Soul on Earth

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Peony · January 10, 2021 at 2:20 pm

I wonder what happened to an infant, pulled out with forceps then died ..moments later took a breath and lived?

    Doobie Shemer · January 11, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    As sad and painful as it is to see it this way, the infant soul’s purpose – teaching, and learning have been accomplished.
    I’d recommend reading Many Lives Many Masters, by Brian Weisse where is shares his personal experience.

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